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Pretrial diversion (PTD) is an alternative to prosecution which seeks to divert certain
offenders from traditional criminal justice processing into a program of supervision and
services administered by the State Court of Cobb County. In the majority of cases,
participants who successfully complete the program will have the charges against them
dismissed; unsuccessful participants are returned for prosecution.
Many of the
municipal courts in Cobb County, including the Municipal Courts of Marietta, Kennesaw,
Acworth, and some other courts, offer pretrial diversion programs.


1. An Attorney must file the Diversion Petition and the $150.00 fee payable to        
    "State Court Diversion" must be included.
2. A person with  previous arrests, first offender, nolo treatment  or conditional               
    discharge is not eligible. No prior Theft convictions of any kind.  
3. No prior Drug or Alcohol convictions or any prior diversion nor anyone refusing          
    chemical testing, anyone having a BAC of .08% or greater or operating a motor         
    vehicle when arrested for MIP or VGCSA.
4. No arrests during the diversion period.

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Jack I. Klein has represented clients in the State Court of Cobb County for more than a
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Jack I. Klein, Attorney At Law, is a criminal defense attorney in Marietta, Cobb
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, representing clients in pretrial diversion matters involving Minor in
of Alcohol (MIP), Shoplifting, and Possession of Marijuana charges.

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